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Poni sat outside the castle, a fluffy red and orange ribbon on her head. A lovely sign, handwritten by Derp in his best effort read “Finny” in capital purple letters.

Prominogi [Event 4 P3]

Reply to x and x

~~[Just a freakin heads up this is kinda HORRIBLY FKED UP and I apologize if this bothers anyone]~~

Derp lay still, the pain overwhelming him.

It hurts… It hurts so much…

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Prominogi [Event 4 P2]

Reply to X  & Mention of Xand X

Derp sat up, the embarrassed Ogres eyes slowly filling with tears. He clutched the locket tight, hiding most of it behind his large hands hoping this Elf wouldn’t ruin a gift like the incubus had the last time he had attended a dance. 

"Derp so-" he began to apologize but was cut off by a strange voice.

Kill…. Fight…. Murder….

"Who said that?" Derp thought and started to look around, searching for the voice. “Finny?” Derp turned to see his date with her new partner. “Derp glad Finny safe.”

Slay…. Destroy….

The strange voice called to him, echoing inside of him. Standing up Derp hoped his size would scare off the elf.

"Derp sorry.. Derp didn’t mean to." he tried to explain, "Derp was dancing with Finny, and letter pop up scaring Derp." Derp held his hand out showing the letter to him, but in the motion ended up smacking the elf’s hand.

Derp finally picked out some fruit punch. As he was sipping his drink another fun song came on that grabbed Derp’s attention.

"Lets go dance again Finny!" he said taking her hand and leading her towards the dance floor. As Derp was enjoying his time, the next event started and a piece of paper popped up in front of him! The startled ogre jumped back in surprise throwing off his balance. The massive green giant flailed around trying to regain his composer, he tumbled backwards landing on a nearby dancer.

Prominogi [Event 3 P1 (well.. 2)]

Derp smiled as he danced with Finny, but could see the waltz was not her style. Thankfully the next song was up beat.


Derp wiggled his arms around and shook his butt as the music filled his ears. He took special care to not make the locket bounce around, scared to break such a precious thing. Derp even tried to twerk like the cool kids, but looked funny wearing his suit, making the motions seem strange and silly.

"Finny are you thirsty?" Derp looked down to her as another slow song came on. "Derp and Finny should get drinks!" he cheered a bit. The big Ogre offered his arm to her as he escorted her off the dance floor to avoid the awkward waltz. Derp started to ramble on about all the drinks he’s tasted and which ones were icky, and which ones he really liked as they walked towards the bar.

Derp seemed to dislike the taste of alcohol so there were no worries of having a drunk two ton Ogre on every ones hands, unless the drink was spiked that is.

How Derp Got His Body Back [Part 2]

After Derp found himself in Tali, things get a little blurry. Derp woke up with a letter in his hands.

Dear Derp,

Things must have been tough on you, as you seemed exhausted when I found you. I have placed you in a temporary body, please be mindful of your limitations. This Ogre does not share the same heart as your old body did, he will try to fight back and gain control. To maintain this body you must remain calm, and stay focused on your true feelings, he will try to manipulate you. Avoid fighting, rough housing and combat, this is essential! You must not let the true Ogre show or it can put others in danger, and put you at risk of disappearing forever.

                                                                       -A Quiet Observer’

How Derp Got His Body Back [Part 1]

Derp no remember much.. But he floated around strange places for a very long time.

It seemed like forever,  Derp felt small and lonely. Monsters were everywhere and always watching Derp…